What To Expect

Naturopathic treatment focus' on uncovering the underlying cause of your health concern.

To assist your body in the healing process, I may recommend lifestyle and dietary changes, nutritional supplements or herbal medicine. These have been tested extensively and are safe, however, some nutritional supplements and herbal medicine may interact with prescribed medications and conditions. For this reason it is important that you advise me of all medications that you’re currently on and if your doctor changes or adds any medications to your treatment. 

Under no circumstances are you to stop taking prescribed medicine from your doctor. This is something that you need to decide with them and under their supervision. 

Any chronic symptoms or illness will not have come on over night and it is a process to get to this state and It will also be a process to return back to being well. By ensuring that you take any prescriptions that I have recommended and following the dietary guidelines I have suggested this process will work a lot better for you and you will have a better outcome. Each person is unique and it may take time to adjust your prescription to get a positive outcome.

This is a general outline of what to expect in your consultations, however,  no two patient consultations are the same. Each treatment plan is tailor made for every patient.


Initial Appointment:

Your first appointment will be 60 minutes. In this time I will :


  • Take an extensive history of current and previous symptoms and diagnosis'. 

  • Review your food intake.

  • Review any previous testing you had done. 

  • If you have not had any testing done or there is more .tests that need to be done, I am able to refer you for this.

  • A physical examination of eyes, tongue, hands and skin to check for signs of nutrient deficiency. 

  • Nutritional advice is provided in this initial consult or via email after your appointment.

  • If you require nutritional or herbal medicine support, this will be provided too.

Follow up Appointment:

Your follow up appointment is 30 minutes and will be scheduled 3-4 weeks after your last appointment.(Possibly longer if in maintenance)  

  • Review progress of symptoms.

  • Review progress of goals that were set in previous appointment.

  • Review and explanation of testing that has been done.

  • New or additional Nutritional goals are set.

  • Adjustment or repeat prescription of supplements if needed.

If  you are unsure if Naturopathy and Herbal medicine is for you, please feel free to contact me prior to booking your appointment

 0450 123 269

1/ 164 Auckland Street,

Gladstone, QLD

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